I'm Clare, dog trainer and behaviour consultant, and I set up Hound Solo to offer behavioural support and bespoke training advice to pet dog owners.  Although I work with all breeds and crossbreeds of dogs, as an owner of working cocker spaniels since 2003, my special interest is in helping owners of pet working line dogs, such as spaniels, labradors and crosses of these and other similar breeds, to enjoy a close relationship with their dogs.  By using kind and effective, science-based, training techniques that build trust between dog and owner I am able to guide owners in shaping and modifying their dog's behaviour to suit their lifestyle.  By training their dogs in this way, owners can enable them to thrive in a happy and secure environment and to establish and maintain a strong relationship bond with them. 

I have a first class honours BSc degree in Canine Training and Behaviour Management and 17 years experience of training pet dogs. I regularly attend seminars and workshops to continue my education and to learn from some of the most respected trainers, behaviourists and veterinary professionals in the world. Having completed my BSc Honours course with a dissertation investigating Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (Dog Dementia) and how it affects our senior dogs and their owners, I am currently studying for a MSc in Applied Animal Training and Behaviour to continue my academic studies in support of my practical work.

Hound Solo was inspired by one of my own dogs, Barney, who sadly died in 2018 and is very much missed. He was a dog who loved to train and play with his family, both human and canine, but throughout his life he thrived on individual attention. He and I were very close and his needs led me to study canine behaviour and training, first through reading and attending workshops and seminars, and then at an academic level. The picture here says it all!