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I am not a dog walker, and I have no intention of becoming a dog walker (amazing job though they do, I love my 1-2-1 work with clients too much) - walk and train sessions are no 'ordinary' dog walk!


Do you find it hard to fit in enough quality time to train during weekday walks with your dog?

If so, then this is the package for you……


​​I understand how frustrating it can feel when you’ve committed to a program; you’ve invested financially and are determined to give your own time and effort, but ‘life’ keeps getting in the way and stopping you and your dog from making the training progress you need and want. This is especially true for anyone who’s living with an over reactive dog, or a persistent lead puller, because these are challenging behaviours to live with and can seriously impact on how much you enjoy walking with your dog.


If you’re feeling ‘seen’ by reading these words, then I’m offering a new service that will be invaluable to you and your dog – my 'Walk and Train' Package *

This package offers you the following:


  • My signature 90-minute consultation appointment in the comfort of your own home. During this session I will take a full history of your dog and their behaviour, talk about the changes you’d like to see, and we’ll discuss my recommendations for lifestyle tweaks, management techniques, and the training exercises I propose. If appropriate I’ll also demonstrate some simple training methods for you to practise, and I’ll still leave you with homework to get started with in your own time. This appointment also gives your dog the opportunity to get to know me, and for me to assess how they’re likely to feel about training with me in your absence.

  • 3 x 60-minute sessions just for me and your dog. These sessions will incorporate a training walk of a duration to suit your dog, up to a maximum of 45 minutes (walks will depart from your home and no car travel is involved). The sessions include plenty of time for greetings and walk preparation, plus a ‘cool down’ period after the walk where I’ll help your dog to adjust their energy levels, refresh their water bowl, and leave them with a calming chew or food toy (if pre-agreed and appropriate for their needs). For dogs who aren’t ready or able to walk outside of the home for more than a short time, as well as a walk to suit their progress level, I’ll keep them busy with at/close to home training exercises designed to give them the skills they’ll need when they’re ready to face the world outside for longer periods. 

  • A 60-minute ‘Handover’ session for you and your dog, including time for a walk. During this session I’ll show you what we’ve been working on, coach you in your training techniques and handling skills, and make sure that you’re ready to maintain, and continue to improve on, the progress that’s been made during your dog's training walks with me.

  • For the duration of your chosen package, you will have the opportunity to contact me via text or email at any time (during reasonable hours of course!). This is invaluable if you have questions, videos to share for feedback, or if you just need additional support to help you progress. I also love it when clients contact me between sessions to share their tiny (and not so tiny!) successes!

  • At the start of the programme, you will receive a pack of printed handouts and resources for you to keep and refer to at any time. I also often send digital resources such as training video links to provide you with a range of tools to help you and your dog with your training.


The cost of this special package is £400

Whilst there’s never a guarantee of how long it’ll take to change an individual dog’s behaviour, I’m confident that you will see good progress in your dog's behaviour as a result of them completing Walk and Train sessions with me.


Some cases of over reactivity and strong lead pulling take a significant time to resolve, even when you’re able to dedicate plenty training time to your dog. Therefore, if after completing the Walk and Train Package you feel that additional sessions would be beneficial, these will be available for you to book singly, or as multiples forming a discounted block, on an ad hoc basis within six months of your Handover appointment.

Walk and Train won’t be suitable for every dog I consult with, therefore, please refer to the specific terms and conditions relating to this package.  If, after conducting your initial consultation, I don’t feel that Walk and Train is suitable for your dog, then you will be offered the option of transferring to an ‘owner present’ 1-2-1 training package, or of paying £150 for the consultation as a stand alone session.

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