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My refreshed 1-2-1 packages for 2024 have been created to make it easy for you to choose how to work with me.

Plus, I have a fabulous new service on offer; a Walk and Train Package!

Whether you need help with those all important canine 'Life Skills', such as.....

Or whether you're experiencing more troubling behavioural problems with your dog.....

  • Relaxed Lead Walking 

  • Recall

  • Polite Greetings

  • Relaxing at home

  • Travelling safely and quietly in the car

These are just a few of the popular skills that my clients frequently want to work on, there are many more we can look at together if you want to!

These might include:

  • Separation problems that are impacting on daily life because your dog can't be left alone happily.... 

  • Over reactivity that results in lunging, barking, growling, or other aggressive seeming behaviour towards other dogs, or people....

  • Resource guarding of food, toys, beds, or people to the point where you're feeling uneasy about it....

  • Anxiety about, or fearfulness of, new people, strange dogs, or just life in general.....


This isn't a complete list of behaviours that I'm able to help you with and I'm always happy to talk things through in a quick phone call or message chat first. Then I can advise you on the ideal way for us to work together with your individual situation.

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