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The first thing for us to decide on together is whether you and your dog, or puppy, will get what you need from either a training or behaviour package

Is a Training Package right for me?

1-2-1 training sessions are perfect for learning how to achieve those essential life skills behaviours including; Relaxed Lead Walking, Recall, Polite Greetings, plus a few fun but useful tricks, and advice on boredom busting enrichment activities and ways to help your individual dog live his/her best life with you.

Is a Behaviour Package right for me?

If your dog has separation problems that are impacting on daily life because they can't be left alone happily.... 

If your dog lunges, barks, growls, or shows aggression towards other dogs, or people....

If your dog is guarding food, toys, beds, or people to the point where you're feeling uneasy about it....

If your dog is very anxious about, or scared of, new people, strange dogs, or just life in general............................then you definitely need the more in depth consultation and support offered by one of my behaviour packages.


This isn't a complete list of behaviours that would suggest a Behaviour Package would be right for you, but it's a starting guide and I'm always happy to talk things through in a quick phone call or message chat first so that I can advise you on the ideal way to work with your individual situation.

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